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Sometimes you just need to talk to someone to help sort out your challenges. That is why GO! created On-Call. This resources provides direct access to GO! experts in the fields of governance, operations and conflict management; coaching challenges; and sponsorship and marketing.  Read more about the GO! Experts below, and schedule your one-hour 1-to-1 now.

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Ruth Nicholson,  GO! FOUNDER 

Governance and Operations, Conflict Resolution

Ruth Nicholson is the founder of GO! At the behest of stakeholders ranging from national sports organizations, local directors of coaching, administrators, and coaches, she pivoted her 25-year career in organizational development, conflict resolution and public policy to create GO! Governance & Operations. Her hands-on youth sports experience as a coach, board member, stadium manager, club operations manager, tournament staffing director, and strategic planning consultant is the basis for the practical, field-tested resources GO! offers.

Book time with Ruth to talk about

  • Organizational leadership, governance, and boards of directors
  • Designing board and committee meetings that get things done in the shortest amount of time possible
  • Preparing for difficult conversations and resolving internal and external conflicts
  • Designing and managing effective volunteer programs
  • Integrating organizational operations to streamline bureaucracy and better support players and coaches.


Bobby Howe, Former Director of Coaching Director for the United States Soccer Federation

Coaching Consultation

Book time to talk one-on-one with Bobby if you have questions about coaching, managing and mentoring coaches, or survival skills related to working within your club, league, or organization.

Read Bobby’s Complete Bio



Sponsorship and Marketing


If you have a specific marketing or sponsorship question, we can address that in a call.  If you need general insights specific to your organization, we can cover the following:


Marketing is one of the biggest overlooked aspects in youth sports.  We can help you specifically identify your point of difference in the market and attract more players to your organization. We will help you set a plan to push your message out to your community.

On your call you will learn:

  1. What your point of difference is in the market.
  2. How to craft a marketing message.
  3. How to attract more players to your organization.
  4. How to write and execute an annual marketing plan.


Sponsorships can help an organization meet financial goals and elevate its name within the community.

On our call you will learn:

  1. How to identify appropriate sponsors.
  2. How to attract sponsors to you and your organization.
  3. What assets you have to offer to a sponsor.
  4. How to over deliver to the sponsor to keep them coming back year after year.