Weekly Webinars

Join our GO! On Demand experts for weekly webinars on Wednesdays, 11:00 am Pacific time.

Take a free peak in September at GO! training webinars on planning productive meetings, engaging team volunteers, coaching evaluations, and club branding.


Wed, Sep 19: Fantastic Feedback – Coaching Expectations & Evaluations

Improve your club’s coaches and their work with your players through meaningful feedback. Join former US Soccer Director of Coaching Bobby Howe to learn how to establish performance expectations for your coaching staff that facilitate easy and effective coaching evaluations. This webinar is a part of the GO! Learn Howe Coaching Survival series.

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Wed, Sep 26: What Does Your Brand Stand For? How to Create Your Own Statement

Can you describe your organization in 5 words? Do you think about the branding and how people feel when they see your club name or your key staff? Join this special session with former DoC and award-winning Coach Carrie Taylor, as she shares insights on branding for your club and your club leadership. This webinar is a part of the Financial Health series.

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Still Curious? Get a free taste of other GO! resources through a sampling of some of our ON DEMAND WEBINARS

Secrets of Successful Clubs. What are common points of friction between coaches, board members, and administrators? Join GO! founder Ruth Nicholson to learn the three critical roles of a club’s Off-Field Team and how they can work together to more effectively support players and coaches on the field.

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Transforming Your Athletes and Club Tomorrow with the 3Cs. Discover practical ways to give your athletes a great experience by increasing connection, improving communication, and fostering character development on and off the field. Join Changing the Game Project Chief Content Officer and Lead Presenter Reed Maltbie and GO! founder Ruth Nicholson to discover easy ways to implement the 3Cs of transformational coaching to improve all facets of your organization.

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FREE (and nearly free) Resources You Can Use to Market Your Organization. Think you don’t have enough money to market your organization? Think again! In today’s world of ever-expanding Internet solutions, resourceful organizations can create professional looking marketing for little to no cost. Join the experts from X! PROMOS as they share some of their favorite FREE and almost free resources you’ve never heard of.

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Board & Committee Productivity series

Boards of Directors – Roles, Expectations, and Getting Stuff Done

The Committee Conundrum – Shorter Meetings. Better Results.

Productive Meetings – The 5 Planning Pillars

Managing Meetings – Fantastic Frameworks

Meeting Conversations – It Isn’t Just Talk.

Meeting Madness – Antidotes to 10 Difficult Behaviors 


Coaching Survival and GO! Learn Howe series with Bobby Howe, former US Soccer Director of Coaching

Developing an In-House Coaching Education Program 

Coaching Conversations – Minimizing Discomfort when Navigating the Inevitable

 Fantastic Feedback – Coaching Expectations & Evaluations

Conflict Resolution for Coaches, Parents, Boards, & Administrators

Conflict Management – Addressing & Elevating Issues from Team to Board


Financial Health series 

Six Steps to Grow Revenue through Marketing

FREE (and nearly free) Resources to Market Your Organization

What Does Your Brand Stand for? How to Create Your Own Statement

How to Launch Your First Facebook Ad Campaign

Giving Sponsors What They Want

What Do You Have to Offer Sponsors? 

Secrets to Finding Your Perfect Sponsor

How to Create, Pitch, & Close a Winning Sponsorship Presentation, Part 1 & Part 2


Paid & Unpaid Staffing series

DoC of All Trades – The Many Roles of a Director of Coaching

Tournament Staffing – Directors, CX Stars, and Superheroes

Fields & Facilities – Scheduling Survival Secrets

Unscrambling the Hidden Complexity of Club Registrars & Registration

Build an Effective Volunteer Program in 5 Easy Steps


Team Management series

Team Meetings – Set the Stage for a Successful Season

Team Management – Divide to Conquer



Organizational Improvement series

Secrets of Successful Clubs

Assess & Improve Your Club Operations

Best Practices to Grow Membership with Customer Service

Transforming Your Athletes & Club Tomorrow with the 3Cs (with the Changing the Game Project)